Alan Vandome and a hand of cards

Close Up & Walkabout Magic

Close-up magic is interactive entertainment designed for all occasions from small, intimate parties to large, formal events. Guests can be seated or standing, inside or outside and Alan’s extensive repertoire can be adapted to match your requirements.
Why choose a close up magician for your entertainment?

Close-up magic hand of Aces
  • Close-up magic  happens right under people’s noses (and often in their own hands too) creating surprise, laughter and gasps of amazement
  • Close up magic is flexible and adaptable, needs no special staging and requires a minimum of space
  • Close-up magic is personal and fun and is guaranteed to create a talking point during and after the event

A memorable and enjoyable experience for every occasion

Alan performs his close-up magic at - weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, summer balls, retirement parties, corporate events, exhibitions, open days, military events, restaurants, car launches, coming of age parties, anniversary parties, Masonic dinners… in fact Alan has performed his magic at almost every type of venue and event which means that he can adapt to suit all conditions and requirements.

Relax, knowing that your entertainment is in the hands of a dedicated, professional magician.

Very, very professional and immensely entertaining…
Sheena Tilley, Planned 2 Perfection,
Events and Entertainment, London


more about close-up magic for your event

Alan Vandome presents his close-up magic in the following ways:

  • Close-up magic “Mix and mingle” Walkabout style – Alan circulates guests during a cocktail party or reception - he amazes them with his extraordinary skills of sleight of hand, breaking the ice, creating laughter and ensuring that your event gets off to a fantastic and memorable start.
  • Close-up table magic
    Alan performing magic at hte table during an event. Alan demonstrates his incredible close-up magic to seated guests at their tables between courses during a meal.  He provides mini shows of 5-10 minutes per table, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to watch and participate, resulting in amusement, amazement and applause.
  • Close-up magic “Parlour Style” - Guests are seated on chairs placed around a table.  In this more formal setting, guests witness 30 minutes of close up magic, comedy and audience participation. Especially suited to private parties, or business events.

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